Join the RESACS’16 and REFSQ Joint Workshop World Café!

The REFSQ Workshops are joining forces with RESACS 2016 to offer a joint World Café  for the first time in REFSQ history.

Conceived through the vivid discussions of last years‘ RESACS edition, the purpose of the World Café is to bring together authors, presenters, experts, attendees, and other interested parties and talk in a casual manner about the current state, emerging trends, and future directions in the area of Self-Adaptive Systems and Cyber Physical Systems, Continuous System Development and investigate their impact on Requirements Engineering.

At the World Café, new research collaborations can be forged and cutting edge-ideas will be generated. Meant to be an open platform, the World Café seeks lively discussions of any kind within the scope of all individual workshops, but also beyond the scope of the workshops. After all, Requirements Engineering is the Foundation not just for Self-Adpative Cyber-Physical Systems, but for any kind of Quality Software System.


About tenbergen

Bastian Tenbergen is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the State University of New York at Oswego, USA. His research interests focus on requirements engineering, conceptual modeling, context analysis, and safety assessment.
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